Akrasia: (noun) Ancient Greek word meaning against one’s better judgment.

They say that no one in their right mind goes into the wine business. Those who do are driven by passion and the pursuit of terroir, despite all odds natural or otherwise.

We know from experience that all rational thinking fades after we experience the marvel of each new vintage. Akrasia Cellars Line of Fire Vineyard is a pristine expression of Cabernet Sauvignon that defines the unique appellation of Rutherford, Napa Valley. With a boutique production of less than 150 cases per year, we have an opportunity to hand-craft our wines to perfection, guided by our vision of defining the terroir of our region. We know that it’s worth it at first sip, every vintage. Rest assured we’ll make that judgement call again and again.

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“I’ve been saying it for years; valley-floor California Cab is overcooked (a fault of the winemaker or Robert Parker, not Mother Nature) and overpriced. Give me the mid-palate subtlety of Cab, the gooey milk chocolate and soft peppermint. This is the closest thing I have had (from California) to Pichon Longueville or Pauillac in ages, elegant and restrained in its opulence.”

-Mark Buckley, Sommelier