If anyone really thought about what it takes to start out producing wine, especially in the Napa Valley, they might have second thoughts.

The phrase “to make a small fortune in the wine business you need to start with a big one”, is of course true.  Most people will admit that getting into the wine business is really more driven by passion versus practicality.  This is where the name of Akrasia came from; a Greek word that means doing things against one’s better judgment.

So against our better judgment we purchased our small vineyard in 2011.  While the terroir was exceptional, the vines had been neglected and needed some love and tender care. We repaired irrigation, pruned and shaped the vines, fixed the trellising and fertilized and turned the soil.  Surrounded by prestigious neighbors, and given the small size, we named it Line of Fire Vineyard.

Today the vineyard is thriving, producing exceptional fruit representative of the fine Rutherford appellation.

– Akrasia Cellars Family